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Monday, March 12, 2018

Special bulletin about Gripeez leaving marks on some painted walls

This is a special short bulletin regarding the use of Gripeez to stabilize the bottom corners of pictures hanging on maze picture hooks, which I have recently been recommending as an alternative to using pieces of quake putty to stabilize the corners.

This worked wonderfully in my previous home.  However, some unexpected home repairs involving water damage in my current home have made me need to temporarily remove some of the framed pictures that I hung with maze hooks a few months ago, and I have found to my annoyance that the little squares of Gripeez that I had cut out and placed under the corners left the paint slightly shadowed, as if it was a little wet.  I was annoyed to see this because the whole point of using these things instead of quake putty was to avoid shiny marks on flat paint, so seeing these shaded areas isn't much better.  In my old home, which had a similar paint job, the Gripeez left the paint absolutely unaffected, so I guess different paints react differently.  I did notice that they are extremely sticky though, so very small squares should still be effective and might leave less noticeable marks.

I've updated some recent articles in which I had mentioned this use of Gripeez but wanted to post a new bulletin in case anyone already read those articles and won't be reading them again.

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