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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Special note to my readers: An updated video of my presentation is now available

In addition to this month's article (which follows), this is just a quick extra note to let people know that they can now watch a current version of my presentation, Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country, online.  Previously, I had a link available to a UCTV broadcast of a talk that I gave in early 2010, which was not only shown on UCTV's cable network but also remained online for viewing, where it picked up over 200,000 hits over the last 4 years.  However, since 2010, I have been updating the talk to include information about more recent quakes of note, such as the massive Japan quake and our local Napa quake, have found many more informative photos, and have generally streamlined the presentation to remove less useful material to make room for newer and more useful material.

After the Napa quake in August 2014, I gave a special cluster of extra talks at UCSF and in my neighborhood, and the UCSF tech folks made a video of a September 2014 talk that is now accessible online through Vimeo in SD and HD formats.  It doesn't have the professional editing that the UCTV version had, but it is quite sufficient as is and I'd prefer that people watch the 2014 version rather than the 2010 version at this point.  You can access the talk from my main video webpage.

Of course, it is still better to attend the talk in person if you are able to, so that you'll get the most up-to-date material and will be able to ask questions.

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