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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Earthquake safety at work is good medicine

While I doubt that people wake up every day with excited anticipation that there might be a new Quaketips post, long-time readers may have noticed that I haven't posted since August.  I had to deal with various crises over a few months and had to take a break.  Fortunately, this month's post has essentially written itself, because a while ago, I agreed to write an article about earthquake safety in the workplace from a medical perspective for San Francisco Medicine, the journal of the San Francisco Medical Society, and that issue just came out and is freely available for reading on the web.  The article is not all that different from what I might have written for the blog, so I'm cheating a bit and instead of writing something new, I'm directing people to that article, available for online reading here.  Hopefully you won't mind that it is written assuming that you are a doctor...unless, of course, you are a doctor.

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